Market to Casinos With Cvent’s Casino Advertising Solutions

Market to Casinos With Cvent’s Casino Advertising Solutions


Whether they’re grabbing cocktails at the bar or trying their hand at table games like blackjack and poker, people flock to casinos to indulge in some gambling fun. Casinos offer up a buzzy atmosphere with lots of places to eat and drink and entertainment options like live music and shows.

Casinos also provide a great deal of tax revenue for many communities, helping to offset other government expenses and bolstering local wages. This can be especially important in cities where jobs outside the casino are scarce or nonexistent.

For decades, it was illegal to advertise “winning” messages in casinos, but when the law changed in 1999, marketers jumped on the opportunity to showcase blackjack hitting, dice rolling, and slot reels aligning surrounded by happy, attractive winners. In addition, the introduction of mobile gaming and e-sports is opening new opportunities for the industry.

To compete for group business, casinos need to focus on marketing their unique amenities and event offerings to planners looking for a place to host their groups. To reach planners, consider Cvent’s Competitive Ads, which give your ads prominence in search results across similar areas or sister markets and can help you drive qualified leads at the very moment that event planners are searching for solutions.